• The gate of the PENTA-WEDGE slurry valve is up to 3 times thicker
    than the blade in a knife-gate valve,
    Maximum CWP of 150 bar (ANSI class 900).
    provides security in pumping stations and sewage tailings.
    Pressure ranges from 20 to 150 Bar (150 to ANSI class 900).
  • Polyurethane Solutions
    for Protection against
    Abrasion & Impact.
  • We specialize in supplying valves for
    slurrys, tailings and waste water.
  • Wear Parts


We are Specialists in slurry and mine dewatering equipment solutions and mineral processing, the power sector and general industry, between our products are pumps, valves, screen media, belt cleaners, ceramic liners, chute & hopper liners and other polyurethane products.

Wear Parts

Our Wear Parts are manufactured in high chromium and different types of elastomers.

Dimensionally interchangeable parts for the Warman, Galigher and Ash pumps.

We offer excellent quality and best delivery times.